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What is IslandFit-TT?

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What is IslandFit-TT?

Islandfit is a local company based around the health and fitness industry.

What are the main goals of Islandfit?

The overall aim of Islandfit is to promote the health and well being of individuals within Trinidad and Tobago. We would like to make taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health as accessible as possible. We believe we can do this by promoting people and establishments within this industry.

How does Islandfit promote individuals and establishments? 

We use our social media pages – Facebook and Instagram – and our website to highlight individuals or establishments in various ways. We interview some people within the industry and upload their interviews in the form of an article so that you can find out how some people achieved their goals. We also allow experts to contribute to our page, with articles within their specific field. Finally, to promote various establishments, we get in contact with them and find out what their business is about and how it provides benefits to you. All these things and many more are waiting for you if you join the Islandfit community.

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Why do we do it?

Trinidad and Tobago and the world as a whole is riddled with many diet related diseases. Islandfit is not only about helping educate people on the benefits of healthy diet and exercise. We want to show people that it can be done, show them the steps that others have taken, and show them the resulting benefits. We want to give people the encouragement to make changes and to keep pushing afterwards to achieve their goals. In addition to the physical benefits of diet and exercise, there are also mental health benefits that we would like to focus on. Since mental illness awareness is only now being normalised and discussed, many people struggle emotionally on their own. We would like to contribute to the open discussion of mental well being because we believe that maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health leads to a happier and more enjoyable life. Finally, we believe that we can use this platform to foster a community that triggers the revolution for a healthier lifestyle in Trinidad and Tobago.

We want you to join us on this journey to happy and healthy living. So tell us, are you IslandFit?

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